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Who is ProApp for?

ProApp is an essential tool for a wide range of professions. Take a look at some examples below.

Use ProApp for the big tasks..

Or the small tasks.

Amusement ride inspectors

Purpose: explain how ProApp is useful for people working with the below conditions.

You work for a large company with many clients. You inspect the clients’ rollercoasters, elevators, and other complex, regulated objects.

You use a few government standardized checklists for all of your inspections. Reports need to be sent to your clients, but your back office may want to edit them first.

ProApp can do XYZ to help you in these situations.


Purpose: explain how ProApp is useful for people working as contractors or with similar conditions: 

You are your own boss, and you need to inspect your projects. Your clients are private individuals. 

You don’t always need to send reports to your clients, but you need to keep them for your own records.

Insurance company inspectors

Purpose: explain how ProApp is useful for insurance company inspectors or people working with similar conditions: 

You work for a company whose clients are boligforeninger or similar, but you visit people in their homes to inspect insurance claims.

You do use standardized checklists, but you need to be able to draw on images to show damage, or add additional text as you go. In other words, you need flexibility in your checklist.

You need to submit reports back to your office, but not to your client. The reports need to contain all relevant information about the home you visited and the area you inspected.

ProApp has XYZ features to help you with those needs.

Denne sektion er ment som en teaser for Crewbox – skal med tiden indeholde mere detaljeret beskrivelse og link til (?) . 

..and the beyond: CrewBox for pilots and aviation professionals

ProApp has a sister in aviation called CrewBox. CrewBox is ProApp’s strong collection of features tailored specifically for the needs of aviation professionals, ranging from the pilots over the cabin crew to the mechanics.

CrewBox can be used for the pre-flight walk around, the cabin change-over, and the periodical mechanical inspections.